1) To become a registered or legal distributor of AIM Global, Inc. you just avail the global package worth Ph. 12,980.00. 


The global registration package provides you wide range of benefits as follows:

1) Global package with products worth between PH 12,980.00 – PH 14,000.00 (combo package of your choice.) the return on products is around 100 % thus, this is not pyramid. What constitutes pyramid is when the return on products is below 74% of your capital exposure. Hence, more on recruiting people to join the network and not with people who are loyal to the products.

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2) After registration, you will get 25% lifetime discount on all products in your next repurchase for a lifetime.


3) Business kit with DVD on products and the marketing plan and other enclose brochures and literatures.

4) Date tracking center (free web page). Our business is internet – based for purposes of monitoring of recruits up to infinity, our daily sales and transactions and the activity of our down line members). Our website address http:www.allianceinmotionglobal.com17842318_1273351916074110_1671546812_n

You may access your account by logging on your USER NAME & PASSWORD.

ATM card (either BPI bank or BDO bank). it zero-maintaining ATM cards. Our income will be withdrawn through our ATM after 24 hours from encashment at our site.

6) Global business. We emphasize here global because the distribution started in the Philippines and it will further spread to another countries as AIM GLOBAL continues to hold on to a 30 years contract with NATURES WAY.

 7. Scholarship plan. This scholarship plan is transferable but not for sale. The scholar will avail 50%          discount with no entrance examination and no maintaining grade. This will be apply to any 2, 3, 4            years or any short course with our affiliated schools nationwide. as of present, we have tied up 300          schools nationwide.


8. Free medical check-up worth P 4,500.00. You may avail this with any of our linked clinics and laboratories nationwide for a period of one year. Discounts will be giving for the succeeding years.

9. Insurances. AIM Global, Inc. has tied up with MAFRE insular for the following insurances.

Ph. 200,000.00 personal accident insurance

Ph.   50,000.00 unprovoked murder or assault

Ph.   10,000.00 medical reimbursement

Ph.   10,000.00 burial assistance


This is only for one year. However, it is renewable every year with only a minimal due. the investment is so small but it has a big return. The company is that so generous to its distributors. so even if you will do the marketing or not still you earn great return of your money.



1) Retailing – it involves direct selling. In here you will enjoy your 25% discount of all the products. For example, 1 blister pack B or box of c24/7 can be purchased at our center in the amount of Ph. 990.00 and can retail in Ph. 1,320.00 giving you an income of Ph. 330.00.


2) Direct referral bonus. For every person who registered under you as sponsor you are entitled to a referral bonus of PH.1000.00. This will automatically be credited to your account upon completing the registration process of your recruit.



3) Sales pairing or matching bonus. We employ the binary system of recruitment. You have left and right sales force. Every time there is a pair, you will a matching bonus of ph. 2,000.00. We are allowed only 16 pairs a day or a minimum income of ph. 32,000.00 per day (16 pairs x 2,000.00). The 17th pair for that day is considered a flushed out and it will be an income of the company. This is the company safety net, the way to earn income.


4) Unit level sales. This meant every sales of every position directly under you (your own down line) you are entitled to 10% of their total sales value credited to your own sales value and everyone below that up to the tenth generation – you are entitled to 5% of their total sales value. For example, for every blister pack or box (ph. 844.00) bought by your 1st down line you have ph. 20.00 and ph. 10.00 (2nd to 10th down line).


5) Stair Step (over riding commission)

Aside from the uni level sales a distributor will get an over ridding commission once his or her rank is promoted. Hence for every rank there is a corresponding overriding commission assigned and requirements.

GLOBAL AMBASSADOR 1000 global packs 30% + 5% uni level ph. 70.00

GOLD EXECUTIVE 100 global packs 20% + 5 % uni level ph. 50.00

SILVER EXECUTIVE 10 global packs 10% 5 uni level ph. 30.00

DISTRIBUTOR 5% uni level ph. 10.00


Based on data shown above the stair step plans or overriding commission is based on a hierarchical system, which the top position directly earns a higher percentage of commission on sales done by distributors along your genealogical hierarchy, 20% on all silver executive and 10% on all gold executive.

It is not an individual purchases, but a group purchase.


6) Royalty Income. this applies only to global ambassadors who have also members who became global ambassadors under him or her, he or she will get royalty income for the group sales.


7) Other bonus for Global Ambassadors:

1.1. Global ambassadors 2000 – part owner of the company – 2% profits sharing per year.

1.20 The pairs per day is increased to 20% pairs per day or maximum income of Ph. 32,000.00/ per day.



Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. is a pro-distributor of pro- down Line Company because of the reasons:

Global package . Small capital exposure but with big return of investments (ROI).

No quota. there is no quota to be maintain per month or per year.

No time frame. You are given time freedom in doing your business.

  1. No demotion. Since there is no quota, then there is no demotion of rank in the stair step. Thus, if you are currently rank as Gold Executive, in no way you will be reverted back to Distributors status.
  2. No pass up. let us say hypothetically, you and your immediate 2nd up to 5th down line are not doing the business and someone at your 6th level down line had managed to elevate himself to silver executive (SE), then to Gold Executive (GE), then finally to Global Ambassador (GA), in just a year by attaining the 10, 100, 1000 Global packages for SE, GE and GA, respectively. As he/she is elevated to a new, so does everyone above her direct percentage of her total group products sales value, with the GA earning as much as 2%. This is the reason why in three years, AIM GLOBAL has already produced 80 millionaires.
  3. Dynamic Compression. This refers to the uni level sales are only those down lines who are making a repurchase for that month. For example, if your 10th down line has no repurchase for this current month, and the 11th down line has a repurchase, the latter will take the place of former.
  4. Gift checks. As discuss above, there is a corresponding ph. 2,000 for every pair of recruits. the company devised a cycle of gift checks for 5th,10th,15th, 20th,25th pairs. Free products rotated cycle.

8.It has many ways to earn income.

  1. It has many surprised bonuses and incentives for distributors (trip to Hong Kong, Asian cruise, USA, & etc.


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