In Africa,AIM Global started on October 2012 In Nigeria, and in the past 4 years we created 800+ Multimillionaires and Counting.
AIM Global Nigeria Pays a maximum potential income of 153,600 naira per day…. How true?? Here are some FACTS about the business: **AIMGLOBAL has been 4 years in Nigeria already **AIMGLOBAL has over 400,000 Nigerian business partners **AIMGLOBAL daily pay-out with high commission rate **AIMGLOBAL legally registered with CAC number 548096 ** **AIMGLOBAL legally registered and Approve by NAFDAC **AIMGLOBAL has branch offices strategically located in #Lagos, #PortHarcourt, #Ibadan, #Abuja , #Onitsha and #Kano Doubt us or join us…It your choice…
Once you registered, You will be given access to AIM Global’s computer system to monitor all your and your group’s successful sales transactions. (Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7.)
On the spot Return Of Investment and lifetime membership Buy this package you can have business global , your key to Millions.
How to earn? Refer your 1st Distributor…. Company pays you 5,000.00 Naira. (Referral Bonus)! No limit to the number of Distributors you can refer! Refer your 2nd Distributor….Company pays you 5,000.00 Naira. (Referral Bonus)! No limit to the number of Distributors you can refer! Because you referred TWO Distributors, One to the Right and One to the Left, Company pays you 9,600.00 Naira. (Matching Bonus) Company continues to pay you 9,600.00 Naira each time TWO Distributors join your team, One to the Right and One to the Left irrespective of who refer them. Maximum of 16pairs per day. N9,600 x 16 = N153,600 potential income per day.
1. You MUST be passionate about becoming a millionaire max 12 months from now.
2. Invest an ONLY one time/lifetime investment of just N70,000 only on your life with the organization. Then..
3.Help just 2 persons ONLY, who are also passionate about turning millionaires, to come into the millionaires circle as you did. And that’s all…Finished! Your daily earnings to your local bank account and payment bank alerts begins. And can’t stop all your life.
We have 3 OPTIONS for you to registered this fastest MLM in Africa and BE WISE!!
1) (THE BEST OPTION) 7 centers international builders kit worth of  N490,000
2) (ADVANTAGE OPTION) 3 centers entrepreneurial kit worth of  N210,000
3) (USERS OPTION) 1 center also known 1 center starter kit worth  N70,000
If you want to earn faster like all the millionaires i created, you need to buy international business package or 7 accounts but its an option to you my friend.
 For a traditional business you need millions to earn big. But chances are slimmer because of business rivals. But in AIM GLOBAL for (N490,000), small capital but you will earn big.
Everyone who joined with 7 accounts became a millionaire in AIM GLOBAL within 3 to 6 months . With 7 accounts you can achieve your goals faster and you can be a car achiever in no time in our company.
Nigerian Police Officer, Member of AIMGLOBAL …..
for more information for official transaction please add me on my facebook account.
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